Monthly Archives: November 2011

Currently, I’m in love with the color maroon and this dress from Topshop. This is the only “red” item i have in my closet. I’m not a fan of red and would choose not to buy red if possible. Unless, i got mad while shopping.


Thank you so much mom!!
You’re the BEST!!

Finally, i got a sewing machine. Cant you believe this after a few years of waiting. My mom bought me a beginner sewing machine.

I almost thought i have destroy it while i was putting the tread. The last time i touch one was during my primary school days.

This is my first assignment to myself. Making key-chain in progress.

Im laying on my bed thinking again. Sometime, I hate this part of my life because I think too much. Thinking of my own capability. Thinking of how useless I am. Thinking on why my life is so boring. Thinking of why should I follow the flow of life. Thinking of way to break free from it but I can’t. Thinking if I’m able to fulfill some of my aims before 30. Sometimes, i think my life is like an empty sea shell. Pretty and tough on the outside but an empty hole with no inhabitant on the inside.

Am I the only one having this kind of weird thoughts in the night.

Walking With Mr. Joel(My family dog) is not an easy task.
Mr. Joel is a hyper-active dog. He is a Westies.
Every time, without failed, i will come back home with sweating clothes.
This is an illustration of me and Mr Joel when i just stepped out of my house door.