Monthly Archives: April 2012

Cicle Font.

There’s a few Type face i used frequently and i loved. This is one of them.
I like sleek and tall typeface. Probably because, i wish im also sleek and tall too.


It has been really long time since i published an illustration post. I have been trying to improve my human figure drawing and playing around with different types of medium. And yeah, i know my illustrations are a bit stiff. I’m trying to ‘free’ myself and not get too intense when i’m drawing. I’m also trying out soft pastel coloring now and will try to post it once I’m done with my editing.

My poly mates/ Sisters.

You can never believe this were us in 2010.

Look at the Q. Every saturday without fail in H&M. That’s another reason why i hate shopping on weekends. I prefer shopping on Monday.

What i wore

Top: H&M pink coat
Dress: 2 piece black and white dress from some weird store

I think black and white are really easy to match(with alot of things). They are the basic color. Every should have them. Especially now as I’m working. Sometimes, I’m really lazy to match my stuff. So I just pop a black and white colored clothes and rush out of my house to work. I know i should have planned ahead. BUT….

Sometimes, I just refuse to think. ^_^V

We went to Marina Bay Sand for Andy Warhol’s exhibition. One of my friend loves his art. He used alot of different medium in his art. It is really interesting to look at and to wonder what is he trying to say in every piece of his art.

What i wore

Top: A Vintage Flower embossed top from Bugis Street. (My current favorite top)
Bottom: Cotton on black high waist skirt.
Shoes: A Maroon Dr Marten Boot

Tip: When dressing a plain top, used a statement necklaces to create a refreshing image. A statement necklace can provide a wonderful addition that will alter a plain look to a stylish ones. 🙂