Hi, guys. First of all, sorry for a slow update.
Recently, i have been busy with my new job and joining art events. I have been trying to expose myself to more art exhibitions. I really enjoy creating my art pieces even through its not as good as the others out there. These are the few illustration i had taken in this event.

This is MINE. Sadly, it’s not very nice after digital print.

Mel’s and Michelle’s art piece

I love this last piece cos its fashion illustration. Dun ya?


I submitted my illustration*hint hint*… Guess which one is mine… Haha~

I went for the opening of the exhibition at pigeonhole. It was crowded so i didn’t stay for long. These are the few photos i have taken with my little sad blackberry. I wish i have a good camera phone with me. I want an iphone or Samsung S3. Haiz… Anyway, the exhibition went really well. I mean look at the crowd!! unfortunately, the place is a bit small for such a huge crowd. The exhibition showcase a lot of artists work from poetry, photography to illustration. It’s quite amazing to see their works and feel the different personality of each artist. As an amateur illustrator, I will try to participate more in this event to expose and learn more in this exciting world of art.


Some fashion illustration i have done. I love drawing fashion clothing since i was young.
At a point of my growing ups, I got some issues with where i’m heading with my life. I threw all my drawings away. I shouldn’t do that which i regretted. However, the past is the past. Now, I’m just enjoying myself with drawing illustration especially fashion illustration.
I hope you like it. 😀

It has been really long time since i published an illustration post. I have been trying to improve my human figure drawing and playing around with different types of medium. And yeah, i know my illustrations are a bit stiff. I’m trying to ‘free’ myself and not get too intense when i’m drawing. I’m also trying out soft pastel coloring now and will try to post it once I’m done with my editing.

Hi, I have launched my Little Store Room of illustrations and handmade stuff on Etsy. Feel free to visit and take a look at it. Of course, i will be happier if anyone can promote my Little Store Room. 😀
Currently, there’s not much item on the list but hey, i just open this webpage. I promised i will created illustrations and handmade items in the near future. Well, that’s my aim for year 2012.