Monthly Archives: December 2011

What have i done in year 2011

  1. Graduate with a diploma in Design and Media.
  2. Gone to Thailand trip with just my sister and me.
  3. Starting up this blog.
  4. Decided to get a job for experiences first before getting a degree (Not sure if i did make the right choice).
  5. Have decided to open an online illustration shop (Little Store Room)
  6. Have a lot of online gaming(L4D) with my friends and family members.
  7. Went “oversea” with Rosy, Shantelle and friends.
  8. Penniless for 2 month.
  9. Got a Sewing Machine.

My Aims for 2012

  1. Getting a Job.
  2. My Little Store Room can go well.
  3. Be fashionably awesome. LOL.
  4. Hope i’m able to travel again in 2012.
  5. Not be penniless.
  6. Improve sewing skills.
  7. Excerise.

These are what i can think of for now.
I’m off to meet shantelle soon.
Anyways, I hope you guys have a new and enjoyable year 2012.
Oh I’m launching my Little Store Room in the midnight.
A new Beginning for a new better me.


Credit: Hello Sandwich

This is my daily “must must” visit website.
There is a lot images of handmade craft done by an Australian artist/graphic designer whom lives in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. Sometimes, she also take interesting pictures of japan when she is traveling. I really hope that someday i would be like her getting a job in magazine industry. After working for years then immigrant to japan and live there.

As for now, i wish i could get into the fashion industry. Be awesome at it.