Monthly Archives: September 2011

I fall in love with this dress when i first spotted the black version in Topshop. However, I didn’t try or buy it because its kind of revealing on the waist. Then one fine day, I don’t really know what overcomes me that i decided to try the white ones. And surprisingly, it doesn’t reveal too much of my “spare tire” around my waist and it looks good on me(I hope).

Anyway, i went out with Shantelle to have dinner and I took a photo of Shantelle’s paper out. Its pretty right.


I was trying if jeans top matches with this skirt or not. Surprisingly, it does-in my own opinion. 🙂

The sun shines brightly on us as we begin our journey.

Welcome to Route 200 (I think).

The sound of train moving against the metal steel railway.

Which was once used, a long time ago.

Things we never noticed before, will soon disappear as the world advances.
Are we abandoning too much at this point?

Nevertheless, I hope someone will be by my side to accompany me down to the next station.

P.S: Not sure why, this became a little bit poetic. Oh well. And by the way, the picture above is my friend, Shantelle. 🙂

Found this polka dot top from a thrift store. I love visiting thrift store. There is so many amazing stuff i can find, from household items to baby clothes. How interesting is that. Sometimes, you can spot treasure in the vast land of unwanted, second-hand goods. And ta-da~ A polka dot top. Actually, there is shoulder pading but i took it out. The reason: i have a broad shoulder and i dislike the feeling of having shoulder pads.