Monthly Archives: May 2014

imageSunrise from my apartment

imageFood, food, food….

imageTo the beach!!! Go go go!!!

imageWaiting for the bus. Lol.

imageMy brother, sister and mommy.

imageAnd that’s me. Lol.

imageLast but not least, koalas!!!

I have been to gold coast when I was really young. I couldn’t remember much actually except the koalas and the crazy roller coaster that my grandmother was not afraid to ride it. Miss my grandma alot.

Anyway, this time I went with my family again without my dad that is. My dad rarely go tour with us. Partly becuase of our home business that he need to take care of. Hopefully some days, I can have a full family trip. Its not necessarily to be a long distance trip, as long as we are together as a family.