To de-stressing from excerising.

It all started around one year ago when I jus got into this job. I was really stressed out because I felt that I wasn’t good enough to be in this job. I started jogging on weekends to destress. At first, I was fine but weeks down the road. I hurt my ankle. So I turn to swimming for the other alternative. It’s helps for a few months. Somehow, I got bored with swimming. That’s when I decided to join my friend in gym. I attend combat and pump classes. Thats when i fall in love with it. Of course when u started training, my diet started to change slowly. It’s not entirely a clean diet. But I would say a good mix. I do have my craving sometimes for example, laska or curry. I believe having a good mix makes having meal happier.



I think this was my fattest period.



Pardon for my ugly selfie. I was abit shock that im able to fit into a zara size M. So yup.

Of course, I dun stop here. I’m trying to tone my body especially my arms n thighs area. But at same time, I’m still trying to destress through excerise.


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