My first Movie with my girl.

This is my first movie of the year 2012 and it’s with my girl, Rosy.
The girl with the dragon tattoo. It’s a R21 show and something funny happened before we got the tickets.

The ticket auntie actually requested to look at my IC because she thought that i’m below 21. I’m shock and happy too. Well… Who wouldn’t be happy when people thought that you’re younger. Anyway, the funniest thing is that the auntie didn’t requested for Rosy. I bursted into laughter when rosy questioned her.

Poor Rosy. But i know you are slightly younger than me. πŸ˜€

My new hair color for this year- Maroon(I think.LOL.). Oh well, i love trying new stuff. πŸ™‚

The girl with the dragon tattoo is a really dark story. I know it’s from a storybook and Rosy told me that this is only book one/two of e series. I will definitely watch this if there’s a continuation. Overall, a must watch movie if you’re over 21. That for my lovely country Singapore. Cheers.


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