Hop onto a Bike

While i was visiting Haji Lane with my friends, i spotted this amazing store that sells alot of vintage looking bikes. Every single parts of the bike can be customized to fit your likes. You can also test-ride the bike that are available in the store. However, the price is quite steep – from 950SGD onwards. Well, i guess this is what you got for customizing almost everything.

Sometimes, i envy people with bike especially the japanese school girl riding bike to school. My dad forbid me to have one when i was young and he still forbid me now. He said it is too dangerous to ride along the road side. I only get to ride it at east coast park where i got to rent it from a bike rental store. But it’s always an hassle to go east coast park because there is no direct bus from my house. So yeah, this is my story about the bicycle and me.


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